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Modern business has long been moving to a ‘Just in Time’ model, which represents great efficiencies, reduces overhead and improves reaction times. Manufacturing companies have especially shown great success by switching to this model, and many other businesses look for ways that they too can take advantage of this strategy.
The opposing model is ‘Just In Case’. For example, you may keep extra inventory on hand to prepare for an unexpected demand for the item, or you may purchase special types of insurance to help your business through an unexpected situation, such as a fire or flood.
In the hosting industry, the ‘Just in Time’ model seems to the prevalent strategy, perhaps the only one that is offered. Providers will offer you 24×7 support if something goes wrong, and that is certainly not a good thing. But is it enough to just wait for something to go wrong?
Imagine this situation – your website is hacked. Since over 3500 websites are hacked daily, this is a very real possibility over the next year for your business. Do you have insurance to handle this situation? Does your hosting provider offer anything to mitigate this possibility? 24×7 support really only jumps into action after you’ve noticed that you have a problem, and then you still have to contact the hosting company to try and have them help you.
Nerds On Site offers NerdCare Assurance as part of a ‘Just in Case’ model. Our team of experts will proactively patch and update your website to reduce your vulnerability to hacking activity as much as possible. Then we’ll follow that up with frequent backups of your entire site. Then, to give you real piece of mind, we’ll scan your entire website every single hour of every single to day to ensure you haven’t been hacked, and jump into action the moment something disastrous happens.
You buy fire insurance, why not NerdCare Assurance for your critical business website? A ‘Just in Time’ attitude will not help your business in the event of a hack, as every moment your website is down translates into lost revenue and a severely damaged public image. A ‘Just in Case’ attitude will mean that a team is prepared and waiting for the moment something goes wrong, as opposed to having to examine and repair after the event.
Learn more by contacting one of our team at 1-877-MY-NERD.

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