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What Did You Get For Christmas?

Did you get a shiny new computer or laptop for Christmas? Did it come with a 30 day antivirus trial, and a bunch of other software you’re pretty sure you’ll never use? Many computers come with pre-loaded software, simply because the manufacturers make partner deals with other vendors. Trouble is, most of that software only slows down the computer, and there’s no point having something installed that you won’t use.

Please Don’t Text and Drive

Many of us carry cell phones and electronic devices on us while we’re on the go, cell phones being the most common, which can result in a phone call or text message possibly taking our attention away from the critical task of driving.

Local Volunteer Works

When the Dragonfly Community Foundation started our work in Thailand, we knew people in many different parts of the...

Fill The Beetle to Feed The People in Lethbridge a BIG Success!

The Fill the Beetle to Feed the People event in Lethbridge this past weekend was a big success! Lethbridge area residents generously donated nearly 3 beetles with non-perishable food and cash donations! In return, SuperStore donated candy canes, chocolate cookies, and hot chocolate for those that donated!