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We understand the value of having a website for your business, but we also understand that you don’t want to break your bank in order to do so. Our team offers these pre-built WordPress websites that we can tailor to your business by inserting your logo, content and images. WordPress is a content management system that gives you the power to update and control your own website with peace of mind.

wordpres business webpage

Lite 1

wordpres business webpage

Lite 2

wordpres business webpage

Lite 3

wordpres business webpage

Lite 4

wordpres business webpage

Lite 5

wordpres business webpage

Lite 6

wordpres business webpage

Lite 7

Web Development Pricing


Web Support (Web NerdCare)

Disclaimer For all packages:

  • Site must be developed on a content management system like WordPress
  • We must host the site
  • We need to build the site to ensure it was developed to correct standards. If we did not build the site, we can take a look at your site for a small fee of $145 to determine if it qualifies for our Website NerdCare
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of changes to a site per month
    • ie. We can’t offer a BRONZE plan to a car reseller who wants to update 100 cars a month. We just can’t support that with the BRONZE package. But we could provide a custom quote!





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Jim is always prompt, courteous, kind and very helpful. Very pleased with Jim, always have been.

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Bonnetta D

Nerds On Site Client

Bern arrived on time, listened to my concerns, and quietly worked on the computer/cellphones. He let me know his findings (no hacks). Bern was very professional. Would highly recommend Nerds On-Site!!

Jim E

Nerds On Site Client

Peter was so very helpful… and did what we neededto have done. I would not hesitate to ask him to come again.

Nerds On Site

Catherine M

Nerds On Site Client

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