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We understand the value of having a website for your business, but we also understand that you don’t want to break your bank in order to do so. Our team offers these pre-built WordPress websites that we can tailor to your business by inserting your logo, content and images. WordPress is a content management system that gives you the power to update and control your own website with peace of mind.

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wordpres business webpage

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Web Development Pricing


Web Support (Web NerdCare)

Disclaimer For all packages:

  • Site must be developed on a content management system like WordPress
  • We must host the site
  • We need to build the site to ensure it was developed to correct standards. If we did not build the site, we can take a look at your site for a small fee of $145 to determine if it qualifies for our Website NerdCare
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of changes to a site per month
    • ie. We can’t offer a BRONZE plan to a car reseller who wants to update 100 cars a month. We just can’t support that with the BRONZE package. But we could provide a custom quote!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

PPC Management

Internet Marketing

Expect great results

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Technical SEO

There’s a lot of technicality involved in SEO that can throw you for a loop. Lucky for you, we have a technical SEO process that will take this off your hands.

Site structure

Google takes the user experience very seriously, which is why our SEO specialists invest time to ensure your site structure is looking solid. We’ll look at your URL structures, index and content pages, and more to verify all aspects of your site follow a logical flow. It will make both search engines and your users very happy.

Site clean up

Your site might look pretty on the outside, but this isn’t always the case on the inside, which might explain those low traffic and conversion rates. We’ll take a deep dive into the backend of your site to identify areas that need massaging and areas that might just need a complete makeover. This may involve implementing code, robots.txt files, and HTTP authentication.

Site speed

40% of people leave sites that take more than 3 seconds to load (Kissmetrics). How long is your site taking? With tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights has a site speed audit process ready to go to amplify your rankings and simmer down those bounce rates.

Technical site fixes

XML sitemaps, canonicalizations, improper redirects, the list goes on…There are numerous site components that need careful attention when it comes to maximizing your SEO results. We’ll start with the low-hanging fruits and work our way up to smooth out more advanced issues across your site. And don’t worry, our team will keep you updated on all changes and help you understand SEO along the way.

Metadata health

How are your meta-titles and meta-descriptions looking on the search results pages? Search engines rely heavily on metadata to determine your site and content’s relevance and ranking. Our SEO and content team will make sure your metadata follows SEO best practices and aligns with your target audience’s objectives. This will help your content rank better for a given keyword and entice people to click on your site.

Local SEO

72% of people who do a local search, visit a business within 5 miles (Hubspot). If you have a storefront or provide local services, our SEO team ensures you’re seen by the right people at the right time.

Google My Business (GMB) audit

We will build and refine your GMB page to confirm your business listing is up-to-date (address, phone, hours of operation, etc.) and stands out for relevant local searches.

Apple Maps audit

We’ll optimize your Apple Maps listing, so your prospects can find and locate your business while they’re on the road.

Bing Places audit

We don’t stop until we’ve made ALL our rounds. From incorporating the right URLs to selecting the right business categories, our SEO team will build and enhance your Bing Places listing as well.

Cottage Conection

The Cottage Connection is managed and owned by Stephen and Jackie Rowe. Along with their staff, The Cottage Connection family promise to provide distinctive vacation homes at excellent values while offering the most professional, knowledgeable and personalized service available.
Cottage Connection, Owner, notes that nova scotia was desire destination, especially during the summer season . However, traditional media spends did not boost online reservations, and the company found it hard to measure the performance of its advertising.
Moving forward, Cottage Connection goal was to utilise digital ads to raise brand awareness and drive sales. It also wanted to start accurately tracking its results, so it could make better decisions about how to spend its marketing budget.






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Took time to ensure all devices were connected before leaving knowledgeable professional pleasant left work areas clean and back to original state.
– will highly recommend service to family and friends

Graig R.

Great service and explanations as to what our problem was

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Andrew was very knowledgeable. He assessed the damage done by a virus & advised us on possible future changes. He was not able to solve our problems, as the key passwords wrer not available. We would definitely try to use him in the future.

Grant M.

Chris is excellent. Very friendly and very helpful. Easy to understand the requirements of the tech to get the job done.

Matt G.

Patrick is amazing, I would recommend him to anyone looking for some IT help.
Always clean and proper! Keep up the great work 😉

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Problem identified and solved

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Graham is amazing!!!

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All good. Chris Rose is great. Very friendly, informative and efficient.

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Mark has consistently offered great advice and service. I even recommended that my Mom give him a call!

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Milos is our Hero!

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