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We understand the value of having a website for your business, but we also understand that you don’t want to break your bank in order to do so. Our team offers these pre-built WordPress websites that we can tailor to your business by inserting your logo, content and images. WordPress is a content management system that gives you the power to update and control your own website with peace of mind.

wordpres business webpage

Lite 1

wordpres business webpage

Lite 2

wordpres business webpage

Lite 3

wordpres business webpage

Lite 4

wordpres business webpage

Lite 5

wordpres business webpage

Lite 6

wordpres business webpage

Lite 7

Web Development Pricing


Web Support (Web NerdCare)

Disclaimer For all packages:

  • Site must be developed on a content management system like WordPress
  • We must host the site
  • We need to build the site to ensure it was developed to correct standards. If we did not build the site, we can take a look at your site for a small fee of $145 to determine if it qualifies for our Website NerdCare
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of changes to a site per month
    • ie. We can’t offer a BRONZE plan to a car reseller who wants to update 100 cars a month. We just can’t support that with the BRONZE package. But we could provide a custom quote!





Client Reviews

A 96.6% Satisfaction rating based on 101,000 + reviews

Gene was vey helpful and went through everything that was required and completed the task to my satisfaction. It’s so good to know there’s good people out there to come help me understand my way through the computer world Thanks Gene!

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Pat P

Nerds On Site Client

I was very pleased with the service I received from Randall. He is so knowledgeable and answered all my all my questions and did a fantastic job fixing all that was wrong with my computer and there were quite a few things going on that was slowing down my computer and also got my printer working after deleting mountains of malware and corrupt files. I am keeping his business card next to my computer in case I need his advice again which I probably will!
Randall was a godsend! Would have never been able to fix my computer myself!

Beth R

Nerds On Site Client

Leo was very helpful and solved all my issues quickly and efficiently and he managed to fit me in the same day I called for an appointment, which I really appreciated.

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Karen B

Nerds On Site Client

For Immediate Support