All joking aside, we pride ourselves on our service.

Here’s a short list of what matters to us and what makes customers love us so much:

We charge by the 'solution' -Never by the hour

When you’re struggling with tech issues, the term ‘quick fix’ always seems to be loaded, doesn’t it? It’s standard for IT teams to price out the process of solving your problem at higher-than-high hourly rates, causing even the speediest debugging to put a serious dent in your wallet.

We speak normal speak, not "nerd talk"

Every Nerd is fluent in EasySpeak, the translation of NerdTalk to simple and understandable every day language! This means you’ll be kept completely in the loop with what is going on with your systems, in a way that you won’t have to Google later.

Nerd Love is a real thing

Plain and simply, we give you something to talk about. Client satisfaction is on the top of our list of things we value, and because of our consistent delivery of stress-relieving solutions, those we help have ranked us on the top of their list of go-to tech teams.

Together we can accomplish anything

Have you been helped by one of our talented Nerds? Well, there’s more where that came from. Your personal IT Nerd has the cumulative support of thousands of like-minded Nerds around the world. Our Nerds meet monthly to discuss impactful changes in the tech world to guarantee they remain up-to-date on all current software and any outstanding issues that may surround it.

Doing good just feels good

Not only are our Nerds knowledgeable, they’re just plain nice! We place a huge priority on customer AND community service. From our highly successful “Fill the Beetle…Feed the People” food drives to free service donations, we believe supporting our surrounding communities at every turn is the start to building the long and lasting relationships we pride ourselves on. As we put it, we’re always working to make a better front page for tomorrow’s newspaper!

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Still have a technology headache (a tech-ache)?

Hey, we never said we were stand-up comics. But we sure can relieve tech-stress 🙂

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Did you Know?

We service thousands of small and medium sized businesses around the world with the best technology solutions available.

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