Cyber Security Services

We Protect SMEs From Cyber Threats.

24/7/365 Cyber Protection for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses in North America

Cyber Snapshot

A high-level overview of your security posture

SME Edge

A complete cyber protection package for SMEs



Review your exposure to modern cyber security threats.



Customize a plan to tackle any vulnerabilities and exposures.



Plug the holes in your systems, networks & culture.



Train for excellence. On-going IT security support.

High-level & granular threat discovery

A deep dive into your organization’s threat exposure for systems, networks & culture. We provide your organization with a comprehensive overview of your cyber security risk profile based on real-world events and statistics.

Initial assessments are provided as a ghost service that will provide a clear understanding of any vulnerabilities but not alert cyber criminals if your network is already breached.



Customized it security plans

Cybersecurity is not a one size fits all solution for all organizations. Depending on your industry, regulatory requirements, risk tolerance & types of data you handle, you require a plan that works for you.

We will provide you with the actionable information needed to protect your small-and-medium enterprise from the ongoing ransomware, phishing & cyber-criminal threats.

Secure your systems, networks & culture

An effective cybersecurity implementation starts from the top down. Policies, procedures, and providing your team with the tools needed to keep a business environment secure without affecting productivity or profitability.

Nerds On Site utilizes modern frameworks, compliance-approved practices, industry-leading partnerships, and world-class tools to bring your organization complete protection.



IT security training & support

You’re the experts of your industry; we’re the experts of ours. We’ll provide your small-and-medium enterprise with ongoing Security Awareness Training (SAT) and let you know of any threats your organization may face.

On-going business threat intelligence & monitoring of your critical systems, networks & the dark web.

Client Breach Events

Devices Protected

Blocked Threats