The IT Security Model is Broken. We fixed it.

The traditional defensive approach to IT security doesn’t work. Nerds On Site turns the model on its head starting from a Zero Trust position to effectively secure your systems and networks.

Nerds On Site delivers Game-Changing Cyber Security Solutions.

We protect your business like nobody else can with adam:ONE, our exclusive DNS-based firewall and gateway solutions software. While the conventional method starts by giving everyone access to your networks and then kicking out known bad actors, adam:ONE gives nobody access before it is determined they are safe.

Who Is At Risk of Cyber Attacks?

If you think your company is too small or doesn’t have enough data to be targeted, think again. Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are not just a target, they have become the preferred target. Consider these alarming findings from
Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigation Report.


of cyber attackers target small businesses


of malware victims are categorized as small businesses


of SMEs go out of business within 6 months of an attack

It’s predicted that by 2021,

It’s already the largest global economy behind USA and China.

You May Have Been Breached and Don’t Know It

Among other sobering findings, a new 2020 Report on “The Cost of a Data Breach” released by IBM states that the average time it takes a business to discover and address a breach is 280 days.

In an alarming number of occasions during a security audit, we find systems that have already been compromised. At this point, we deploy our 3-phase Incident Response Protocol designed to stop attacks before any real damage occurs. We have helped numerous companies mitigate the damage and potentially crippling costs of such attacks.

Check out this case study to see our Incident Response Protocol in action.

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Why Cyber Criminals are Winning

The field is tilted in their favour

Think of it this way. Cyber criminals are like highly organized teams of soccer players firing shot after shot at your net—thousands per second—and it only takes one goal, one network breach, to cause potentially devastating damage. And there are thousands of these teams on the field at any given time.

Conventional IT companies think building a better goalie is the solution. But even the best goalie can’t stop every ball. And worse still, they don’t know where they’re vulnerable until the ball is already in the net. Only when a breach occurs does the traditional security company come up with a fix—make the goalie better—which we’ve seen is not a fix at all.

If you can’t win the game, change the rules

 We take our clients out of the ’defense’ game by changing the rules dramatically. Using leading-edge adam:ONE technology, and starting from a Zero Trust position, we kick all the teams and every player off the field. If there’s no-one to shoot, there’s nothing to defend against. Then, using ‘Adaptive Whitelisting’ technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence, we let teams on the field (into your systems), player by player, only once it is known they pose no threat to security—they aren’t going to shoot at your net. Doesn’t make for a very exciting game, but then again, cyber security is no game.

Protect Your Business With Nerds On Site.


Today’s internet landscape makes it essential that you do everything you can to increase the security of your valuable data and systems. When you make Nerds On Site your cyber security partner, you are enlisting the expertise of our entire team of cyber security experts with over 100 years combined experience.

Nerds On Site protects SMEs against system breaches with our unique IT security solutions. Using our leading-edge adam:ONE technology, we assess your existing systems, identify vulnerabilities and enlist our Zero Trust solution to monitor and protect your business from cyber attacks.

Is your business ready to defend itself against a cyber attack?