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We make IT more Productive, Profitable, and, Pleasurable for our Clients.

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Our Mission

We build bridges between our Clients and our collaborative team of experts to remove the inefficiencies and threats of inadequate IT and cybersecurity, thereby liberating our Clients to focus on what matters most to them.

We believe technology should be a liberator for our Clients, not a threat.

The Power of TEAM

We provide on-site & in-home IT and technical support, managed IT services, and cyber security through our collaborative team of highly-trained IT and Security professionals that have over a millennium of combined experience.

Every red NerdMobile and every red shirt comes with the combined security-first, solution-focused experience and expertise of the entire worldwide collaborative team of Nerds.

You hire one; you get us all. Whatever IT issues you come up against, you can bet there is a Nerd who’s seen it before and devised a solution.

Turning the Model Upside Down

Traditional IT companies have always looked at security as an add-on, one of the pieces of the puzzle. We know that with the current state of the internet landscape and its dangers, security needs to be your top IT priority, the very first piece of the puzzle.

We use our experience and leading-edge technology to ensure your valuable systems and data are as secure as possible. Then, combined with the strength of our strategic and industry-leading partners, we take care of the rest.

Nerds in the Community

We understand the importance of giving back to the communities we serve and encourage every Nerd to do so.

The annual “Fill the Beetle to Feed the People” food drive is among their charitable efforts. To date, this event has collected over 100 tonnes of food to donate to local food banks.

Circa 1998, The First NerdMobile!

Our Beginnings

In 1995 in London, Ontario, Canada, two self-proclaimed nerds (John Harbarenko and David Redekop) joined forces to solve people’s “tech-aches” by helping them turn their technology from a burden to an asset. And these guys came right to your door to do it. Back when monitors weighed 80 lbs, this was a big deal!

This type of dedicated support service allowed people to concentrate on what matters most to them, which resulted in warm and positive Client feedback.

A Brief History: How Nerds On Site Grew Up

From a handful of guys driving around in the first NerdMobile servicing residential clients, we grew by adding Charlie Regan, our CEO (Capability Expansion Orchestrator), who facilitated the addition of passionate and experienced IT professionals to make us a global TEAM of experts. Through this expansion and our collaborative nature we evolved to become a trusted Cybersecurity and IT Solutions company for SMEs.

We continue to add Nerds who possess the experience, technical expertise and vision that allow us to proactively address your needs, ensure the security of your critical data and systems, and keep your networks running safely and efficiently.

Don’t let the cute cars fool you. We are serious about IT – even more so about security – with the tools and technology to protect your business that nobody else has.

Circa 2010, The NerdMobiles set off across North America.

Choosing the Right IT Support

At Nerds On Site Client satisfaction always comes first. We don't want to just be your one-time IT provider, we want to be your forever Nerds whenever you need us.

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Client Satisfaction Always Comes First

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Available Everyday, Evenings & Weekends

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Local Nerds, Global Team

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By The Solution Pricing

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We Speak Normal Speak, Not "Nerd Speak"

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In-Home & In-Office Service

Client Reviews

A 96.6% Satisfaction rating based on 101,000 + reviews

"My Nerd resolved all my computer and mobile phone issues. He was technically competent and provided several tips that I will use in the future. I was hacked and my Nerd put my mind at ease. I would use your services in the future."

David D

Nerds On Site Client

"Delighted with the service from my Nerd. I had called other providers and they wanted to replace our whole tower. Our friends recommended our Nerd and he was able to determine our needs and provide exactly what was required to meet those needs. Will definitely have him again and will recommend him to our friends"

Lynda A

Nerds On Site Client

"I am a senior citizen with very limited computer knowledge and my Nerd was very patient and insightful with my queries and his advice was most helpful. I most definitely will have him back for future needs. Thank you again."

Robert B

Nerds On Site Client

For Immediate Support