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Our mission is not to take on clients, but to build partnerships.

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Take a minute with us as we hypothetically transform your day-to-day IT efforts with ease…

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They're after your valuable data. Are your systems secure enough to stop them?

Nerds On Site’s CyberSecurity Defense protects SMEs against the known vulnerabilities of their networks using a proprietary security solution that goes far beyond the traditional approach.

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Your server has just crashed and everything is toast...

A Nerd fixes things fast, getting everyone up and running, making sales and doing business in 20 minutes. That’s time and money expertly saved!

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Your IT team is spending 7 hours on 1 problem

Nerds can immediately leverage the knowledge of their entire worldwide team. Even the rarest of roadblocks has probably been experienced by some Nerd somewhere, so they’ll know how to fix it.
Our speed is your savings.

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You're wishing for full accountability from your IT

Your wish is our command! Being transparent is one of the many traits we pride ourselves on. We want to earn and keep your trust, and we won’t take your business for granted. Our accountability is incomparable, and you’ll find this immediately apparent in our efficiency and communication.

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Get the same IT Support for EVERY location

The Nerds On Site team has the right Nerds with the right knowledge in the right places to service your individual locations and address any unique issues. This means that no matter the situation, you’ll only deal with one great company that will provide you endless solution options with multiple Nerds available on-site.

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Systems breached? How you respond is crucial

Nerds On Site’s CyberSecurity Incident Response is our carefully planned approach to addressing and managing the reaction after a cyberattack or security breach within your networks.

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Your clients are asking you for better technology services

Nerds always make sure you’re using the most cost-effective and meaningful technologies to help run your business better. This is sure to satisfy not just you but your customers as well!

24 x 7

They're after your valuable data. Are your systems secure enough to stop them?

Goodbye 9 to 5 care, hello 24/7 and 365 days a year network analysis. If your tech troubles happen outside business hours, we won’t leave you defenseless until the next morning or make you wait out a long weekend. We offer fast and full support no matter the date or time.

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You want more concise and consistent tech costs

When it comes to payments, predictable is welcomed word.  We’ll customize a payment package based on your unique needs, and deliver you 1 steady and uncomplicated final balance. No strings attached, no fine print, no surprises.

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You're tired of spending time seeking out the right person to address your specific problem...

Put us on speed-dial, then sit back and relax. Once you let us know the issue, we’ll make sure it is passed along to an experienced Nerd who will get it taken care of quickly. No need to waste time figuring out who to ask.

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You never managed IT again


You just partnered with Nerds On Site. You’ve made a great call. It’s time to get more from your IT, for less cost, headache & management.


Welcome to a

Nerd World.

Our Business Services

Cost Comparison

If you’ve considered hiring an employee to handle daily IT hassles, you’ve likely considered the costs. Compare that annual employee salary with the NerdCare fees, and it becomes quite obvious that we’ll save you some serious coin. That’s ¢ents and sensibility!

In-house IT Specialists

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Networks Administrator

$58,984 ($30.29/hr)

2012 National Average

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Computer Technician

$48,254 ($24.13/hr)

2012 National Average

Additional Cost Considerations

  • CCP, UI, Vacation Pay, Sick Days
  • Hardware/Software Replacement costs
  • Offsite Backup service costs
  • Remote Monitoring costs
  • Employee Training and Skill Upgrading
  • Transition and training costs in the event that an IT employee moves on

NerdCare Managed Service

All-Inclusive NerdCare
Save 25-40%

As a business grows, and becomes more and more dependent on technology, IT support and direction become critical. * Sample rate – varies with company size

Included with NerdCare

  • No Additional employee carrying costs
  • Server/Workstation/Laptop hardware & software included and replaced every 3 years!
  • Offsite Backup costs included
  • Remote Monitoring costs included
  • Ability to draw from world-wide team & bring in experts on any issue
  • We will never resign

It’s easy to get started.

Nerds On Site offers businesses a comprehensive and FREE Technology/Network Assessment
(under 2 hours).

There are no commitments or payments that must be made! We’ll send one of our talented Nerds to your business to fully analyze your existing network, workstations, backup systems, etc. Then, we’ll produce a custom technology report according to our assessment, complete with our friendly suggestions as to how you can step up your tech game! assessment complete with recommendations to optimize your business.

Our Technology Assessment includes:

  • A local Nerd (or two!) visiting you at your location
  • A full inspection of your current technology environment
  • A key-person interview regarding the role of (and possible frustrations with) technology
  • Cataloguing done of your hardware (network systems, workstations, etc.)
  • An analysis of your overall technology infrastructure
  • An examination of your internet and wireless protection and security systems
  • The creation of a disaster recovery plan for your businesses most critical technology systems and data
  • Suggestions for technology optimization and simple solutions
  • A consult between you and a Nerd to go over the results of the results of the Free Technology Assessment

We’re about spending money wisely.

See how much you could save today with a Free Assessment.

Our partners save anywhere from 25-50% of their technology costs on top of their hardware being replaced every 3 years AND all their technology fees covered in 1 monthly bill. Now that’s making technology stress-free (and more fun).

Eliminate Risks. Save Money. Reduce Costs. Increase Revenue.

That’s the Nerds Way.

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