December 20, 2010

Fill The Beetle to Feed The People in Lethbridge a BIG Success!

The Fill the Beetle to Feed the People event in Lethbridge this past weekend was a big success! Lethbridge area residents generously donated nearly 3 beetles with non-perishable food and cash donations! In return, SuperStore donated candy canes, chocolate cookies, and hot chocolate for those that donated!
It was a BIG success!
Following the event, we received a commitment for Ken Tanigami, the Superstore Store Manager, to run “Fill the Beetle to Feed the People” whenever the Food Bank needs food. We have passed this good news on to the Food Bank, which of course was very exciting news for them!
The event was covered on the radio station CKVN, the Lethbridge Herald (page 2), and our team leader, Chris Polis, was interviewed on Global TV Lethbridge.
Thank you, Trever, for organizing this successful event and staying all day in -14 degree weather, and to Kevin for being there the entire day as well! Thank you to Akaid, Jonathan and Sahil for your support as well.
Here is an email we received from the Food Bank:
It looks like Superstore was a success!
Nerds On Site raised:
$236.63 in cash donations
$175 in gift cards
1,091 lbs of food for a cash value of $2,182.00
For a GRAND total of $2,593.63!!!!