December 16, 2010

Why Nerds On Site …. (How Big is Their Team)

How Big is Their Team? The size of a development team can be important to you depending on the versatility of the team members. If they are all fluent in programming, then there really isn’t much diversity. It is rare to find the jack of all trades when it comes to software development, which is why a team of 3-5 unique developers is often better than an individual themselves.
With Nerds On Site you have the expertise and knowledge of Nerds worldwide working together to better themselves and to provide their clients with fast, accurate and effective services. Our Development Team ranges in the type of projects we do, but in the end we are always available for one on one assistance. More often then not during our weekly meetings we are inquiring about potential problems with an ongoing development project, or offering solutions to each other. We are in constant communication which allows for a development project to be created more efficiently and accurately for you. We can run ideas off each other, or divulge a secret we used when developing a similar project in the past, our ability to assist is endless compared to that of an individual working by themselves. And in our case, just because we have a bigger team, it doesn’t mean you pay more. It’s just the way we do business.
Check back next week when we cover why “Services Offered”, can be so important when hiring a developer.