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Following on the heels of the struggles our Managed WP hosting platform experienced over the weekend, our team has decided to implement a mandatory multi-factor authentication (MFA) policy for all WordPress administrator accounts.

MFA Policy goes into effect July 31, 2022

We strongly urge all our clients to take a moment to add MFA to their WordPress account today. While we’ve offered MFA support on all WordPress accounts starting with the launch of our Managed WP service offering, this is the first time that we are making it mandatory.

What is MFA?

We wrote an article on June 4th titled “2FA vs. MFA – What’s the difference?” and this will cover the basics of authentication, and why it’s an important step to securing your online accounts.

You can use many different authentication devices to complete your 2FA access, including:

Implementing MFA

Implementing MFA for your WordPress accounts couldn’t be easier.

Option 1:

Login to your account and you will be automatically prompted to setup MFA.

Option 2:

Edit your profile by clicking on your name on the top right of the page, and then scroll to “2FA Management area”.

Option 3:

Open a support ticket at NerdsISP Support if you have questions or need help.

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