March 2, 2016
Niles Nerd

Benefits of SSL for a Website

SSL for websites has been free for all clients hosted with Nerds On Site for quite some time now.  The uptake on this free feature has been very low so far, and you may wonder what advantages you might have in turning it on for your site.  Why should you use SSL for your website?
A Ranking Boost with Google
Back in 2014, Google announced that they would start giving a small amount of preference to websites that supported HTTPS (a secure connection) for their page ranking system.  This means that by turning on SSL for your website you will receive a minor ranking boost from Google.  If your website is struggling against competitors in your area this may just be the ticket to give your site the edge!
Web Visitor Confidence
In an era of spying and snooping on our digital lives by governments and hackers alike, web savvy visitors look for the green padlock that shows them your site is secure.  Here is what a savvy visitor thinks when they see the padlock:

  • My traffic is encrypted and largely invisible to anyone other than myself
  • This website is a real website and not likely be to a phishing attack
  • This website up to date and represents a quality company to do business with

Many web visitors are starting to distrust a website if it doesn’t have a green padlock in the address bar.  Turn on Forced SSL today and gain better search engine visibility and more client trust!

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