February 29, 2016
Niles Nerd

WildCard SSL Turned

Just over 1 year ago we announced that a WildCard SSL certificate (retailing around $42USD/$58CAD/R656ZAR per month) would be included in each and every Nerds Hosting account.
At the same time we announced that you would get the ability to turn on a ‘Forced SSL’ mode, which would force all traffic to your client’s website to only travel through a SSL-secured connection.  A couple of months ago we added a simple button in the NerdsISP interface to allow Nerds and clients to turn this mode on, instead of the previous method of having to request this through a support ticket.

Today we are happy to announce that Forced SSL mode will be ON by default for ALL new hosting accounts that are ordered from this point forward!  This is another great step along on our journey to having ALL our client websites secured by SSL!