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Hosting services can be full of confusing jargon and buzzwords, and moving a domain name, website or email to a new service can seem overwhelming.  If you are a client that just has no idea what is involved in moving a domain, and don’t know what EPP codes are, Nerds On Site’s Hosting Concierge Service might be for you!
Our Hosting Concierge service gives you a team of experts from Nerds On Site that will walk you through all the steps of moving your domain, website and email services to the new solution our team has setup for you.  Included in the service is:

  • Domain name transfer assistance; including working with your old registrar to unlock your domain and get an authorization code to move.
  • Website migration, in which our team will work to get all required information (such as FTP and database access) and test your new site our servers.  This service is no guarantee that your site will work, but our team will give you a quote if your site needs upgrading to be compatible with our modern servers.
  • Email service migration; which includes the setting up of all email accounts on our server and providing all new settings, recommended best practices and email settings.

It is important to note that our service does not include mail data migration, though that is available as a separate service for an additional price.  Ask your local Nerd (1-877-696-3737) for more details and pricing.

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