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When you’re a hosting client with Nerds On Site, you can sleep easy at night. Each client has the peace of mind of knowing that if a problem occurs with their website, their primary Nerd is quickly made aware of it, and so is the Hosting Team.
Whether an issue is minor or major, the client receives an email or phone call from their primary Nerd alerting them to the situation and what has or was done to resolve it.
If you have questions or concerns, you can email the hosting team directly at [email protected], but we strongly prefer that clients first contact their primary Nerd. No need to waste time waiting on hold or go through a long and frustrating typical tech support phone call.
Customer support is very important to us, which is why we provide multiple ways to get a hold of our team. You’re busy, and we know that, so we make it our priority to address any concerns you may have as quickly as possible.
If an issue does arise, your Nerd will contact our entire Hosting Team, who will quickly look into it and provide a solution. This means that our entire team is made aware of any problems, not just one individual, making the process far more efficient.
We can arrange for a live Skype discussion to address any concerns or questions, and to ensure that there is not any confusion. You won’t find that kind of personable approach with any other company.
We keep your Nerd involved because when he/she removes himself/herself from being involved, they lose the confidence and respect of the client, and that’s not a situation we want to be a part of.
This is a strict guideline of ours because your Nerd knows your technology and business, so it only makes sense to keep them involved. This allows your Nerd to shape the direction of the conversation, allowing for much better customer service and satisfaction.
Your satisfaction with our services will allow us to succeed and provide better service and support to our clients. Help us support you by making use of our team approach through our team email address and by first contacting your primary Nerd.

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