March 16, 2010

Hosting NerdCare Assurance: 24×7 Monitoring

In the world of business, it pays to know about trouble before anyone else. Hosting NerdCare Assurance is all about providing peace of mind as a goal to driving up your Productivity, Profitability and Pleasureability. The first step in the process is to provide 24×7 monitoring of your website and the server it sits on. Before we can react to an issue, we need to know about it before anyone else, and our distributed monitoring system does just this.
With monitoring nodes in 9 different geographical locations, and with monitoring provided by a third-party company, you can rest assured that even a wide-spread issue will not affect our ability to watch your website. Every 60 seconds your website and email will be checked to ensure they are working correctly.
At the first sign of trouble, our dedicated team of professionals will spring into action. With team members in 2 different countries and 3 different time zones, we offer quick responses to any detected issues. The power of our NerdCare Assurance packages lies in the fact that our team responds before you notice an issues, and before you call us for support.
Consider the stress you would normally encounter with another hosting provider – once you or a client notices that your website is down, you would then have to find time in your busy schedule to call your provider, wait on hold for an intermittent period, then explain to a first-level technician what the issue is. With Nerds On Site Hosting NerdCare Assurance, you know that your site is being monitored 24×7 by a dedicated team of professionals that will spring into action at the first sign of any trouble, almost certainly before you or any of your clients notice an issue.
This level of support translates really resulting a protection of your image and brand, as well assuring the quickest possible response times and smallest amount of downtime. At the end of the day, Hosting NerdCare Assurance will have a direct effect on your bottom line, by ensuring that your website is up all the time!