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Today’s websites are primarily database driven, and thus the database needs to be secure and reliable to ensure a reliable and fast website experience.  If your website is hosted with Nerds On Site, you can rest assured that your database is very redundant, allowing our team to recover from any disaster.
First, the primary copy of your database (the live, active version) is hosted with Amazon on their excellent RDS system.  This ensures that your database always has the resources it requires, regardless of a spike in traffic to your site.
Next, we keep a second copy of your database also  in the Amazon RDS system, but in a different availability zone.  This means that your database is LIVE synced between two geographically separate Amazon datacenters, allowing for instantaneous fail-over in the case of a problem.
For our third copy of your database data we have Amazon backup the data regularly to their S3 storage system, which is designed to provide 99.999999999% durability.
Fourthly, our team takes a nightly snapshot of your database and stores that snapshot on one of our servers in Toronto, Canada.  As your primary copy is in the Virginia area, this provides extreme geographical separation between copies.
Lastly, your data is protected for the fifth time by a nightly snapshot saved to our Ark server, which is located in Singapore.
Altogether, our database redundancy design provides for instant fail-over in the Amazon RDS system, and fully 5 copies of your data with copies stored in Virginia, Toronto and Singapore for safe geographically redundant storage.  You can trust your database data to Nerds On Site!

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