November 19, 2011
Niles Nerd

Partnering with SpamExperts

In order to provide our clients with a MUCH better email experience, Nerds On Site has partnered with SpamExperts. SpamExperts will provide all our clients with enterprise-grade spam and virus filtering. Already 1/2 of our clients have had this protection installed for their email. Two things make this especially great for our clients – they won’t have to change a single mail settings on their end, and this upgrade to their account is completely free!
In addition to fantastic anti-virus and anti-spam filtering, SpamExperts gives our clients a few more benefits. First, all incoming mail to our mail systems will now go through SpamExperts 8 geographically redundant datacenters, meaning that the load on our servers are significantly reduced. This means that mail slowdowns like we’ve experienced in the past weeks will become a thing of the past. Secondly, SpamExperts will spool our clients mail for up to 4 days in the event that our mail servers fail for any reason. This means that in the event of a catastrophic failure on our end, your mail will be held and waiting for you instead of going lost. Lastly, all our clients will now get a daily report of the spam that was held in quarantine for them. Formerly, clients had to log into our webmail system to see their mail quarantine. This change should save everyone a lot of time each day!

The SpamExperts Story

The idea to SpamExperts was born in 2001 by the visionary founders of the company. The management team was awarded the winning title of various business-plan competitions and was founded in cooperation with the R&D center of the University of Maastricht.
Initially the idea was to protect corporate domains with thousands of users via a single gateway and the DNS-based spam filtering product was designed. With huge demand from the worldwide ISP market, however, this idea was soon expanded and product development of the ISP product line was pushed forward. A Desktop product for individual users followed suit shortly after.
Within one year, SpamExperts claimed market leader position for email security in Europe’s IT hub, the Netherlands. The United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Belgium, South Africa, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile are other markets in which SpamExperts continues to experience double-digit growth figures.