How We Keep our Business Hosting Clients Safe
Nerds On Site

When you host your website with Nerds On Site Business Hosting, we take the security and safety of your website extremely seriously.  There are three main techniques that we employ to ensure t…

What is a Server?
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Inevitably, every small business owner sooner or later hears or believes that “we need a server”. This begs the question of what a server really is. What does it do? Why do you nee…

Your server is planning on going down
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Experience tells us that the number one reason for failure on server equipment is a failed hard drive. However, the time-frame is completely unpredictable. It could be the first month or a yea…

Curtis Armstrong of ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ Fame to Receive Honorary Nerd Award
Fun Stuff

Curtis Armstrong will appear at this year’s Blue Water Film Festival and be receiving the one of a kind “Honorary Nerd Award” presented by Nerds On Site. The presentation will take place at Mc…

Meetings in the Cloud – comparing GoToMeeting with
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Meetings in the cloud are easier than ever. Seeing the furrows in someone’s eyes or the expression after a comment or question carries tremendous value, especially when comparing it to t…

Nerds On Site helps out on the Jim Relken Show
Good News

We congratulate the Jim Relken Show on their successful launch of, and thank them for the opportunity to be part of its opening episode of reality TV, with real people, real businesses …

Nerds On Site Interviewed on Impact Radio in South Africa
Good News

Lourens Dormehl and Johann Badenhorst were interviewed on Impact Radio in South Africa on August 6th, 2012! They discuss what being a Nerd means, how we operate and are different then other I.…

Mountain Lion on MacBooks incompatible with 3.5mm microphones
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After a tremendous amount of support time of my own with theBoom and Apple, it is clear now that Apple OS X Mountain Lion is incompatible with some third party 3.5mm jack microphones. HereR…

The Power of Mobile – What Is All This Hype About?

It seems smartphones these days are more abundant, and being utilized by a broader range of people than the most basic desktop/laptops.