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If you haven’t read “The E-myth Revisited” and you plan on going into business for yourself – please read it.  The reason most small businesses never reach their potential is because the entrepreneur who started the business ends up ‘being’ the business.  In effect what they have done is simply created a job for themselves.
“If they don’t fail outright, most businesses fail to fully achieve their potential. That’s because the person who owns the business doesn’t truly know how to build a company that works without him or her.. which is the key.”
Michael Gerber, The E-Myth
We are serious about working together to enable everyone on the team to grow a business far removed from what they are capable of delivering themselves.  Sharing resources, skills, experience and costs just makes more sense.

We Are a Family

At Nerds On Site we are more than a team, we are a family. What a bonus to be able to run your own business AND have a team to work with when you need them.  We keep each other inspired and help out each other when in need.  Whether it’s meeting for breakfast or getting together to teach each other new skills (from Tech stuff to marketing to handling customers) we know that someone’s got our back, without getting on our back!

Established Partnerships

WHO you know can make a HUGE impact on the value that you can deliver to clients. We have spent years identifying and working with some of the best-in-class solution providers around.
One of the benefits of clients having Nerds On Site as their trusted Technology Partner is the vendor relationships that we bring to the table. We have spent years identifying and working with some of the best-in-class solution providers around. Sometimes it’s not just what you know – it’s who you know.

The Brand

The NerdMobile is one of the biggest parts of being a Fully Certified EntrepreNERD. It gets you looks, it gets you business, it gets you girls! Okay, maybe not girls but our Nerds have been chased by desperate computer owners seeking help, sought out by businesses and home owners that want a NerdMobile parked in THEIR driveway to ”brag” that THEY use Nerds On Site. Nerds have even had cards with handwritten pleas left under their wipers: “HELP! Please call me!”
Nerds LOVE their NerdMobiles! They use them for business, they use them for play, they even use them to help their communities with events like “Fill the Beetle to Feed the People” where we fill the NerdMobiles with food for local food banks or other charities. From Ottawa, Canada to Johannesburg, South Africa, Nerds are always giving back to their communities. Parades, FUNdraisers, and golf tournaments.

 The CHARGE Philosophy

What kind of people are we looking to connect with? The kind of people who can connect with our ‘CHARGE’ philosophy!
C – Confident, Competent, CEO
H – Human Engineers
A – Attitude of Humility
R – Responsive and Resourceful
G – Goal and Destination focused
E – Engaging and Enthusiastic

What Are We Looking For?

We need ALL competencies and skills!

More than anything, we are looking for folks that have a passion for technology… any and all aspects of Information Technology. Nobody can claim to know ‘everything’ about technology, so our clients love the fact that we work together as a team. While many of our nerds are ‘generalists’, we also have nerds with very specific skills who make themselves available to other nerds. Industry Certifications are a great compliment to real-world experience… but that’s not to say that there are those who have learned by doing and know their stuff. Finally, Nerds have got to LOVE working with people, because that’s our business! First and foremost, our business is about building relationships with our clients through heightened communication and always putting their needs first.
Interested in joining? Check out iwanttobeanerd.com, then apply to become an EntrepreNERD!

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