April 27, 2015
Niles Nerd

Nerds Hosting: What Can You Expect? Point In Time Restores

This article is one in a series of articles describing some of the actions you can expect to be covered free of charge by the Nerds On Site Hosting Support team.
Let’s imagine for a moment that the worst has happened to your website – a plugin update just broke the site, or perhaps a rouge developer deleted some information, or perhaps you got hacked.  What if this happened a while ago, perhaps weeks ago?  Would you still have a backup?  Is there anyway to roll your site back to that specific point in time?
YES!  Our team backs up your site every night – automatically.  While we can’t guarantee to have snapshots of your site going back forever, we keep many, many restore points, and we can restore your site to any specific date that you request.  Simply open a support ticket and let our team know what date you’d like to roll your site back to, and we’ll take care of it!

Be Supported

Wondering how to get support for your website?  This is as easy as logging into your account at https://nerdsisp.com and clicking the Help & Support button.  Our team is spread out over many countries, so we will always respond quickly!  If you’d like, we’ve created a video tutorial describing the process: https://bit.ly/1vtSK2c.

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