May 11, 2012
Niles Nerd

Introducing Nerds On Site Help Desk

When we first started offering on site tech services in 1995, we were constantly responding to technology failures. Today, when the right systems are put in place and maintained properly, technology works smoothly and predictably. The focus has shifted from ‘reactive’ fire fighting to ‘proactive’ fire prevention.
While we aren’t responding to many 5 alarm blazes these days, technology still finds a way to frustrate most computer users from time to time. Think “the printer that will print perfectly from ANY program… except the *only* one you need to print from right now.”
These technology nuisances are not only frustrating, they can be major productivity drains. When issues like this do crop up, timely response and solutions are key.
Introducing Nerds Help Desk… Here are three reasons we think you’ll like it:
1. Instant Service
Our Nerds Help Desk service means that computer users within a company can call the toll-free help line as soon there is an issue, and receive immediate help via phone or remote support.
Before Nerds Help Desk:
– Printer won’t print…
– Frustrated employee turns to coworker and says “My printer won’t print so I’m going for a coffee”…
– Employee returns to desk…
– Printer still doesn’t print… and their stapler is missing.

After Nerds Help Desk:
– Printer won’t print…
– Frustrated employee calls toll-free number as says “My printer won’t print so I’m going for a coffee”…
– Employee returns to desk and starts printing! (Employee is so happy they don’t even
notice their stapler is missing)

2. Reporting
Every single issue is recorded and fully documented in our support system and available for review (both the issue and the solution) – this allows everyone to see which issues are reoccurring, how often, and with whom. Spotting patterns in recurring issues allows us to find and recommend permanent solutions to those issues.
3. Cost Containment
Our Nerds Help Desk service provides unlimited phone and remote support for a fixed monthly fee (per user, per month). That means the onus is on us to reduce the number of issues and make sure things continue to work as smoothly as possible. What could be better than a common goal?!
For complete Peace of Mind, bundle our 24/7 Remote Monitoring with Nerds Help Desk.
For a personalized quotation on these services, contact your nerd or call us at one of these numbers.
North America – 1-877-696-3737
Australia – 1800-696373
South Africa – 0800-696373
Great Britain – 0800 836 3737

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