May 3, 2012
Niles Nerd

Frustrations with Technology

It’s the year 2012, the last time I checked, and yet here are some of the top issues our first-time clients all over are still facing a regular basis:

    • No shared calendars.
      No Shared Calendars - Frustrations With Technology
      Of course this one is only important if you have team members you work with.

      • One member may be on their own desktop calendar.
      • another operates on a mobile.
      • till another likes and uses and old paper calendar.


    • Many different contact files.
      Many Different Contact Files - Frustrations With Technology

      • The accounting software has the right address, hopefully.
      • The phone contacts have the right phone number.
      • The computer address book has the right email addresses.

      But nothing is centralized with any accuracy.


    • Disjointed customer data.
      Disjointed Customer Data - Frustrations With Technology

      • Accounting software has sales data. Only a few have access.
      • Email is in salesperson’s mailbox. He’s on vacation.
      • Product information is on the supplier’s portal. Who knows where the password is.
      • Serial numbers of installed equipment are in good old-fashioned binders. You’d be surprised how much information is still in non-digital format!


  • Islands of information.
    Islands of Information - Frustrations With Technology

    • Peter keeps track of customer service issues in a Word file.
    • Everyone’s work schedule is circulated in a spreadsheet.
    • Passwords are safely stored in the accountant’s smartphone.


  • A mobile experience that isn’t mobile.
    A Mobile Experience That Isn't Mobile - Frustration with Technology

    • Missing contact info.
    • Cannot access office sent items.
    • Cannot preview attachments.
    • Calendar invites don’t work.

Many business owners just assume that this is the way it must be. You just may want to check out

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