February 16, 2012
Niles Nerd

Hard, Easy Breeze

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Just had a couple of meetings today with some good folks. We were talking about the challenges of discipline – going back and forth on some of the issues that make it hard to be a good enterpriser today- a good SME! One of the things that I’ve always had a feeling about is the biggest competitor for the enterprising mindset. The biggest drain on your creativity, on your “get to it” attitude, on your “get it done” as opposed to thinking and planning – the doing and done. The world, they celebrate to the Nth degree initiative. But again, we all know they only pay for finish-iative, and there’s a BIG difference between the two!
I remember the first television on our street (it just happened to be at our place), and gatherings every Sunday night to watch the Ed Sullivan show – most of you of course wouldn’t know what that was! The television has become, for many of us, a default… a virus… a disease to be frank! Not so much of the online virus variety – it has nothing to do with the stuff that gets INTO your box, it’s how the box that you use (your computer or tv) gets used.
There are so many things you can do with online games, gambling, and such (and other less reputable pursuits). There are serious, serious drains on our time – and time is in very short supply for all of us! It’s at a premium. Any time that’s spent doing some of those things (the virus deals) can take away from the new enterprise mindset; solution finding, creativity, new opportunity expansion. You know, high level thinking, seventy thousand foot perspectives. All this can be sucked away and the day is gone, once again. An evening has been spent doing something that is less than fully engaging or productive. I understand the need for downtime. I understand the need for refueling, refreshing, and getting a few laughs in your day. There are lots of vehicles for that sort of the to happen – you can find them on a television or a box (computer). But the real challenge is focusing on the long-term greater good, and making certain that those diseases or those viruses don’t take over.
It’s HARD to be good today… EASY to be average… and a BREEZE to suck. Don’t suck. It’s HARD to be good, it’s hard to discipline yourself to a daily regimen that does in fact feed your faith, feed your family, feed your fiscal opportunities or your enterprise discipline. It’s EASY to be average, easy to go along and do only what’s necessary and needed – not what could be done to generate (Client) rave and new (enterprise) opportunity. And a BREEZE to suck – where you just do the base minimum… where you’re waiting to be told… or waiting for it to be brought to you on a silver platter.
The world needs followers. Follow-ship when done well is wonderful stuff, but the world desperately, direly needs leaders – and it’s hard to be a good one! So, my very best to each and every one of you who try day by day to be what’s needed.
Good planting! Good harvesting! Good day!

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