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Our NerdBox is the Nerds On Site appliance that suits a typical SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) of any sector as a behind-the-scenes technology that facilitates core essential services that every SME needs.

IT administrators who have been through historical IT infrastructure cycles, sometimes tend to have comfort in the old way of doing IT. A server from Dell, an Operating System from Microsoft and then add on various appliances for different functions.

Things have changed. A lot.

What does it do?

  1. Network functions such as being a DNS and DHCP server, which are usually behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts, but an absolute necessity.
  2. Gateway functions, typically found in an enterprise-class router. Only in a NerdBox, the router is on steroids, so it can prioritize important traffic over less-important traffic, for example.
  3. Server functions, such as centralizing users, passwords, shared files and shared printers. In the old days this was typically provided by a Windows Server, but those expensive licensing costs are no longer necessary as this appliance is linux-powered and therefore provides those services out of the box at no cost.
  4. Applications. The flexibility of this appliance allows for many additional applications to be powered/centralized on it, including automating online backups or creating a private cloud server for your own business.

The Canadian Tire Dealers’ Association (CTDA) has chosen this technology as part of the Standard Dealer Network for store IT infrastructure.
To see if your IT infrastructure can be simplified with a NerdBox, contact your nerd (or our toll-free number) today.

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