February 15, 2012
Niles Nerd

Are You Protected from Spam?

I am spending this week at a technology conference in sunny Orlando Florida, and just had a very interesting conversation with the CEO of a cutting-edge technology company about the basics of hosting: email.  He started the conversation by complaining about how much spam he gets on his mobile device – hundreds in the past day or so.  It clogs up his device and makes working from the road very difficult.  In astonishment I asked him if he had any spam filtering, and he replied that he did have something installed on his laptop, but nothing on his mobile device.  When asked if he didn’t have spam filtering right at the mail server level, he replied that if they did it wasn’t turned on.  Amazing!
There are still so many people, even technology aware CEOs that do not have proper spam filtering protecting their precious time.  Nerds On Site includes an enterprise-grade spam filter free of charge with every email address hosted with us.  Contact our team today to learn how our partnership with SpamExperts can save you frustration and time, and keep your inboxes from become clogged with spam.

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