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stand for children Nerds On Site has a long history of helping out in the community, with our Fill the Beetle, Feed the People events being the most publicly visible programs we run.
Today we are happy to announce that when you purchase hosting from Nerds On Site, you can add a little extra to your monthly hosting package which will then go to World Relief to benefit children in need.  World Reliefs says, regarding this program,

Children are frequently the most vulnerable, overlooked people group on the planet. To join them in their time of need we implement Child Development programs, where children of all backgrounds are placed in clubs with trained Christian mentors to learn valuable lessons about life, identity, health, hygiene and safety.
We also stand for children by training their mothers in our Maternal and Child Health program. Utilizing an innovative outreach method known as Care Groups, mothers equipped by World Relief train their neighbors with basic lessons such as hand washing, nutrition, sanitation and medication. These simple, proven methods radically reduce infant mortality and improves the quality of life for children.

Contact your local Nerds today and ask them how you can switch to Nerds Hosting and benefit the children at the same time!

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