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New Webmail Login

Our team has refreshed the look of our webmail login page (https://mail.nerdsisp.com) to give a cleaner login experience to our clients, and one that matches our hosting account management log…

Globally Distributed Computing Wins Again!

Last night a major partner of ours suffered an upstream network issue, causing major performance issues for our Business hosting service and millions of sites around North America.  The issue …

Meals.WellDelivered: Manage Meal Suspensions

This is a video tutorial showing our Meal Suspension tool in Meals.WellDelivered.  Meals.WellDelivered is a cloud-powered software package that enables organizations to manage and delivery mea…

19% of Internet Uses WordPress, Host Yours With Us!

It was just announced that 19% of websites are powered by WordPress, a pretty amazing statistic for the 10 year-old platform.  At Nerds Hosting, the majority of our clients use WordPress, and …

VW/NerdMobile night at the drive in! Neither rain nor sleet nor snow, nor 42C heatwave will stop Nerds!
Nerds On Site

Cloud Managed Network Tools
Nerds On Site

One of our many partners:   http://meraki.cisco.com/products/systems-manager

There is a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again later (1011).
Help and How To

We have had repeated reports on Netflix iOS apps not working on iOS devices in business networks since the last app update. This turned out to also be a problem in my own home network, where I…

Updated Plesk Dashboard

Our team has just updated the Plesk dashboard, and you’ll notice a few style changes.  Plesk is provided to our clients for advanced access, such as to change your DNS Zone.  If you use …

Just about ready for JazzFest Toronto
Nerds On Site

Come by the Toronto JazzFest June 20-29th and say hello to the smiling eNerds from Nerds On Site, and some great Dell products ready to demo.