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SSL Certificates FREE With All Hosting Packages

Many people have started commenting on the lack of privacy we have on the Internet these days. Without a doubt, Edward Snowden’s revelations have brought online privacy to the forefront of public discussion, though this has been a growing issue for years. Quite frankly, everything we do on the Internet today is known in quite […]


Business Hosting Upgrading to SSD!

Our team is always looking at ways to give our clients a better experience, and today we announce that we have put in place a plan to upgrade our entire hosting systems to use solid state drives (SSD) exclusively.  SSD drives provide much faster throughput, meaning that latency will be reduced and performance maximized for […]

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Business Hosting WordPress Alerts Temporarily Offline

One of the perks of our Business hosting services is a weekly alert to let you know if your website’s WordPress installation is out of date.  Due to the recent release of WordPress 4.0, our monitoring system is no longer able to effectively and accurately determine your version of WordPress, and we’ve taken this alert […]

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Mail Server Upgrades

On July 21, 2014, our team will be upgrading our mail server to SmarterMail 12.  The webmail interface will change slightly, but the changes shouldn’t confuse any client with their differences.  This change will not affect any mail clients that are being used.  There will be downtime starting at 9PM Toronto/New York time on July […]

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Banking could soon be safer – but will it be?

It is estimated that GameOver Zeus botnet is responsible for a loss exceeding $100 Million US Dollars. The problem with a lot of online theft today is that from the bank’s perspective, the theft occurred as a legitimate transaction. In other words, the bank acted on the customer’s computer instruction to transfer the money out. […]

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Don't let your heart bleed over Heartbleed

It’s a good thing when a technology vulnerability gets enough attention that it is patched quickly and methodically. However, it may also raise undue concern due to its complex nature and variety of headlines that leave us consumers confused and unsure what to do. The context of this article is for you and I as […]

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Upcoming Server Maintenance

Nerds On Site would like to give notice of an upcoming maintenance window for our Business hosting services.  Starting at 8PM EDT on Tuesday, April 8, our team will be upgrading our systems to add more resources, to better power our client’s websites.  This maintenance window is not expected to last more than 2 hours, […]

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World Backup Day

What if your computer crashed today, would you be able to get all of your files back? If not, what would you be willing to sacrifice to recover your precious data? World Backup Day, a day for computer data backup awareness, is today!  A recent study from Carbonite revealed that although 82% of Americans keep only digital files, 39% […]

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New Domains Coming – Get There First!

There are many new exciting domain names coming, and the demand is sure to be huge! Nerds On Site is offering a chance at pre-registration for many of the new domain names.  Contact us today to get in on the rush! The Best Opportunity to Get Your Domains The launch of a new TLD (Top […]

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Internet Explorer 10 and 11: NerdsBackup Website Compatibility Issues

Both Internet Explorer 10 and 11 have compatibility issues with many websites.  The portal is just one of them.  Many of the features of the account portal do not work unless you enable the Compatibility View in Internet Explorer. This article was written by Emmet, our NerdsBackup Support Team Leader. In Internet Explorer 10 […]

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