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NetFlix launched in Canada on September 22, 2010. Customers can go to and sign up for a FREE 30-day trial. You will need to enter a credit card number during sign-up, but you can cancel your account before the end of the 30 day trial. Chances are, though, you won’t want to. After the first month, each month is only $7.99 a month to watch any movie or TV show in their library.
In the United States,  Netflix has been around for several years. They first offered mail delivered DVDs that customers could order from their website, watch, and return at their leisure, all for flat fee per month. In the past couple of years, they have also began offering a streaming service that lets customers watch that same content, but directly online. Unfortunately, you can’t download the content, you must watch it via their website. If you can watch internet content on your TV, this shouldn’t be a problem.
Netflix does NOT offer mail delivered DVDs to residents in Canada, only the streaming service.
There are some problems with the service, mainly related to copyrighted content. Some networks are partners with Netflix, like NBC, while others are not. Another issue is that some TV series only offer particular seasons of each show, not all seasons. So, that’s a bit of a frustration point.
Netflix streaming does offer HD quality content, and as long as you have a reliable high-speed internet connection, you shouldn’t have any problems in that regard.
All things considered, for the $7.99, and for what’s offered, it’s well worth spending your hard earned money on.
A big question is, what will happen to traditional brick and mortar rental stores with services like NetFlix entering the market? What do you think? Leave a comment!

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