April 19, 2011
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Workstation Monitoring with Level Platforms – Why Businesses Need It

- Nerds On Site Many businesses are reactive when it comes to their technology. If it breaks, they get it fixed. If something isn’t working properly, they spend the money to get it working again. Over time, this can get quite costly.
Thankfully, we have the ability to remotely monitor hardware and gather basic information about installed software using Level Platforms.


If your server is slow, we get an alert. If a virus infects a workstation, we get an alert. If the CPU (processor) is running hot, we get an alert.
This allows us to connect remotely and resolve the issue, or call YOU and inform you of the situation and arrange a time to come on-site and correct it. This allows you to stay focused on your business, and not have to worry about your technology.
Monitoring is mandatory along with our monthly NerdCare packages. This can provide tremendous peace of mind!

Preventative Maintenance

- Nerds On Site One of our Nerds, Dennis Houseknecht, had this to say:
“Level Platforms sends me alerts when there is unusual activity on a workstation – for instance when the CPU is running hot for a long time. I received such an alert on Friday. Without even logging into the workstation, I was able to see exactly when this started. I checked the machine and found several instances of a process that was using a lot of processor time.
The client never called and had no idea there was a problem beyond the slowness. The WOW factor comes when YOU call THEM to say that you see a problem and you will fix it for them before it gets worse (or that it’s already resolved). Without Level Platforms to keep on eye on things for me, there would have been a lot less WOW.”

- Nerds On Site 24/7/365 Monitoring
24 x 7 Monitoring and Alerting means issues will be identified much faster and addressed proactively.

With rapid resolution and problem prevention, we will substantially reduce the costs associated with downtime (lost productivity, lost opportunities and service costs).

Monthly Reports

Monthly Reporting allows you to know exactly what’s going on in your network.
You’ll know about pending problems and be able to plan accordingly (no surprises).

More Benefits

  • - Nerds On Site Reduce your IT costs
  • Reduce your unexpected downtime (and the costs associated with it)
  • Extend the life of your assets
  • Improve your system security
  • Plan, budget, and track more accurately
  • Be empowered to make proactive instead of reactive choices

System and Network Resources

- Nerds On Site A common concern is how much system and network resources are taken up by the monitoring software and it’s activity. The answer is: very little – by design. For example, if Patch Management is enabled, updates are downloaded to the server once, and distributed to the workstations over a period of time, as opposed to each workstations downloading the same update all at once.


Price is determined on a per environment basis, and can vary depending on how many workstations, servers, and other devices your organization has. A Nerd can provide you with a quote after meeting with you.

30-Day FREE Trial and FREE Setup

After an initial meeting with a Nerd, our Support Team can install Level Platforms on your network and begin monitoring all devices. No changes will be made to the network or computers. Near the end of the trial period, if you choose not to continue monitoring your network, we will simply remove the software – no obligation or pressure, and you get to keep a copy of all the reports we’ve collected.

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