TWINN #128 Attack surface management is hard work.

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TWINN #128 Attack surface management is hard work.

Attack surface management is hard work. It requires a continuous discipline of all aspects of an organization’s information exposure. To make matters even more serious, consider that the good guys have to patch all weaknesses, but a criminal needs to find only one single weakness. One of the areas we all have to pay attention to is the login systems we manage and maintain, along with the password reset option. This story here illustrates that:

The 5 Top Cyber Security Stories Of The Week – June 12, 2023

1. Password Reset Hack Exposed in Honda’s E-Commerce Platform, Dealers Data at Risk

Likely a developer’s oversight is what led to this weakness that exposed a lot of private data.

2. Barracuda Urges Replacing — Not Patching — Its Email Security Gateways.

The company states that SaaS email solutions were not impacted by this vulnerability, and most small organizations that are still running an appliance like this should be moving to a cloud solution anyhow.

3. Fortinet fixes critical RCE flaw in Fortigate SSL-VPN devices, patch now.

“While not mentioned in the release notes, security professionals and admins have hinted that the updates quietly fixed a critical SSL-VPN RCE vulnerability that would be disclosed on Tuesday, June 13th, 2023.”

4. Cybercriminals Using Powerful BatCloak Engine to Make Malware Fully Undetectable.

Learning about BatCloak really made me pause and reflect. If it wasn’t obvious before that relying on endpoint security alone for protection is insufficient, this makes it abundantly obvious. Defense necessarily must be in depth.

5. North Korean APT group targets email credentials in social engineering campaign.

“The Kimsuky group is adept at building relationships at target organizations to more easily deliver malware and steal credentials.” When we do have proper security posture but criminals still target us, it will be by building relationships.

Did you know?

A phone thief’s first step is to turn on airplane mode. This automation allows you to require a passcode. Sad we have to resort to this tactic, but that is ultimate nerdom!

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