September 10, 2009

Letter From TWCE in South Africa

While starting my own business, I was struggling for weeks setting up our new IT system. Eventually, on Christmas Eve 2003, I gave in and Googled those guys who drive around in red VWs. Much to my relief (and surprise), I received a response the same day and my problem was sorted out in minutes!
Since then, the business has grown, as has our ICT needs.
It has been gratifying to have Nerds On Site with us every step of the way. Werdus (Our Nerd), has introduced many improvements over this time and provided unparalleled support – even when he’s been away on leave, we’ve always had competent Nerds to fill the gap.
Possibly the greatest benefit to joining the Nerds On Site family has been the assurance I have (day and night) that our ICT systems are ticking away perfectly, thereby allowing us to maximize the leverage we have enjoyed with competitive systems compared to that of our competition.
We would wholeheartedly recommend Nerds On Site to anyone who has an ICT need – from their home PC through to virtualized servers, VOIP solutions and the like … ask us, we’ve experienced it all – they Know Stuff!
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