April 3, 2013
Niles Nerd

It’s Time to Give Your Computer a Spring Cleaning!


We hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful spring weather outside and is enjoying this beautiful week. With Spring comes a sense of renewal and change.
A System Cleanup for Your Computer Can Renew Performance
There’s no need to periodically reformat your PC and reinstall everything from scratch to regain peak performance. Giving it a good spring-cleaning will keep your hard drive error-free and your personal data secure, relieve your drive of unwanted junk data, and eradicate hundreds and sometimes thousands of redundant entries in your Windows Registry, which can slow Windows performance and sometimes cause crashes. A cleanup It can also resolve many error messages.
Even physical cleanliness can make more of a difference to performance! Keeping your PC clean on the inside will help it run cooler and reduce acoustic noise, by giving the cooling fans less work to do, and may even prevent long-term crashes. Also ask us about our ongoing maintenance plans that can help ensure your computer never grinds to a halt and leaves you in a lurch!

Contact a Nerd today to have one of us perform a thorough System Cleanup on your laptop or desktop computer! We can do the work on-site or connect remotely!
[Trever Hollihan and Jonathan Arnoldussen contributed to this post. They are Nerds in Lethbridge, Alberta]

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