Twist App – Let People Know When You Will Arrive

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twist Have you ever felt guilty for leaving loved ones or colleagues waiting for you? Or do you find it difficult to estimate your time of arrival? Twist to the rescue, available for both Android and iPhone.
We have also found this app very useful for adhoc carpool arrangements, or when two consultants both plan to visit the same client coming from opposite directions. Also very useful when planning a meetup for dinner with friends. Twist takes into consideration the traffic at the time and route you’re planning and thus is able to make reasonable predictions of your ETA.
One of the coolest features, though, is that if you’re stuck in traffic or bad weather, no need to reach for your phone. It automatically updates your friends and loved ones with a new ETA when you’ve experienced a delay.
Twist is free and does not require your friends or family to have the app. It notifies by SMS when the app isn’t present, so it even benefits those with feature phones! Enjoy!

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