April 1, 2013
Niles Nerd

Cloud Migration Service

476715mainALHATaircrane672 - Nerds On Site We are extremely excited to be able to offer a new cloud migration service. For as little as $0.10/kg we’ll lift the customers data into various cloud data centers located around the atmosphere. The air quality is good, and we make every effort to save the customers data from crashing.


Save time. Instead of waiting to upload those thousands of gigabytes, let us carry it directly to the cloud via our heavy duty ex-NASA helicopters! Let us carry your data transfer load.
Do it faster. Our flying machines have quick access to clouds located near you. We can migrate your data there in record time.
dccloud - Nerds On Site


We take customer concerns about data safety very seriously. That’s why your data is stored in highly survivable metal containers stored securely in the clouds.
Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the second photo.
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