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Outsourcing your IT projects can be a great way to ensure project viability without having to handle everything internally. When you outsource with Nerds On Site, you can trust that your projects will be handled by experienced professionals who understand how to get the job done right.

IT Projects Outsourcing National Support Canada & The USA

IT Projects Outsourcing National Support Canada & The USA

National Support in Canada & The USA

Nerds On Site was founded in 1995 as a mobile IT support company in Canada. We have since grown to a multi-national public organization supporting hundreds of cities throughout North America and beyond. We offer support in most major cities in 9 Canadian provinces and 44 US mainland states.

Multi-Location IT Install Projects

IT installation projects, like Kiosks, entertainment systems, or office hardware, can be a challenge for some organizations, as you may have travel exposure or be managing a site that is not easily accessible. As Nerds On Site can offer local support, we can significantly reduce your costs associated with these visits.

Our IT install projects team can help you by managing the entire process from start to finish, removing any time wasted sourcing, and managing third-party contractors and organizations.

Specialized support for Manufacturers

Manufacturers can often offer specialized install support for their products once it’s been sold to a client, but this can prove a challenge for most organizations, as while your internal team are experts, they often aren’t available to travel throughout the country to complete an install.

This is where Nerds On Site comes in; as your install partner, we will manage the process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth install and peace of mind for you and your client.

Multi-Location IT Maintenance Projects

Ongoing IT maintenance for multi-locations can be costly for some organizations, as it often requires dedicating internal resources or paying for high-cost external support. Nerds On Site can develop a plan to help you save on these costs while ensuring that all your locations are supported.

Our IT Maintenance Projects team can help you by providing a single point of contact for all your locations and managing all of the various maintenance tasks and projects. We can also provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your IT infrastructure and recommend improving it.

Specialized support for Retailers

Many retailers may have dedicated phone IT support lines but struggle to offer comprehensive on-site IT services. This is where Nerds On Site can help by providing our nationwide support to supplement your internal IT team.

Nerds On Site has been partnered with Staples Canada since 2021, offering cybersecurity and IT solutions to small businesses. We understand what it takes to keep retail businesses IT running smoothly and are proud to offer our support.

Nerds On Site Staples

Nerds On Site Staples

Specialized support for Third Party IT Companies

If you are a third-party IT company, we understand that you may have projects outside your core travel area. By partnering with Nerds On Site, you can extend your national support to these areas without needing to establish a new branch or incur the cost of travel yourself.

White Label IT Support

We understand that some organizations want to keep up with their clients and may not want to outsource their IT support. Nerds On Site can provide white label IT support, allowing you to keep your brand while we take care of the support in the background.

Our white label IT support services can be tailored to your specific needs, and we will work with you to ensure that your clients are always happy with the service they receive.

IT Projects Outsourcing – The Nerds On Site Process

Nerds On Site offers on-site IT support for IT projects in most major cities in North America, but we understand that our clients may not always be in a significant population center.

If immediate coverage cannot be offered through the nerd network, our IT projects team will get creative in providing solutions. With no intervention needed by our client, we will reach out to our extended support network to find coverage. If coverage cannot be found, we will attempt to find a local partner with a proven history with the required project. In rare situations, we will allocate our closest nerd or partner and communicate any travel required.

Nerds On Site IT Projects

The Nerds On Site IT projects team will handle any roadblocks that come up to provide the client with a positive experience and completion of their project.

Nerds On Site is your one-stop shop for all IT project outsourcing needs. We have a proven track record of success in managing and executing IT projects across all industries.

Our team of certified IT professionals has the experience and expertise to handle any IT project, no matter how complex. We will work with you to understand your specific needs and requirements and develop a customized plan to ensure the success of your project.

Contact Nerds On Site today to learn more about how we can help you with your IT project outsourcing needs.

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