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Hosting Maintenance Doesn't Go As Planned

This evening our team planned to perform a small amount of maintenance to our Business shared hosting server.  In essence, we needed to fix a setting issue on the server that we had overlooked for a few weeks, and which made our server slightly more vulnerable to hackers than it had to be.  Our maintenance […]

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Are You Spending Less on Hosting than a Cup of Coffee?

Does your business buy new products and services based solely on the lowest price?  Think about your phone systems – do you trust your business’ phone system to that $1/month VOIP system that uses a USB adapter in your laptop?  Probably not.  Today, if you buy a name-brand cup of coffee, you are probably spending […]

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Determining How Much Storage Your Email Is Using

Starting on May 1, our legacy Basic hosting packages will see their mail storage space changed to 1GB per mailbox.  If you are currently using a Basic hosting package, it is important to determine how much mail storage space you are using in order to see if you will be affected by this change.  To […]

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Upcoming Mail Server Maintenance

This is advance notice that our team will be taking down our shared mail services starting at 8PM EDT on March 29, 2013 for maintenance work.  This maintenance is expected to last approximately 12 hours, and no email services will be available during this time.  Frequent status updates will be posted to our Twitter account, @nerdshosting.  All […]

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Upcoming Changes to Basic Hosting Packages

Products and features reach the end of their product life cycle for a number of reasons. These reasons may be due to market demands, technology innovation and development driving changes in the product, or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by functionally richer technology. While this is an established part of the […]

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How To Upgrade Your Hosting Package

If you are running one of our discontinued Basic hosting packages, you can easily upgrade to a Business hosting package, and take full advantage of the following features that are included in Business hosting: Unlimited Email Space Content Delivery Network Hack Detection Advanced Security Features 24×7 Support And much, much more…

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How To Get Help & Support For Your Business Hosting

All Business hosting packages come with 24×7 Help Desk support, and this video tutorial will show you how to log into your account and open a new support ticket.

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MxToolBox Gives Our Mail a Score of 100%

MxToolBox is a trusted monitor and analyser of mail systems around the world.  We were humbled today to get another reminder from the MxToolBox team letting us know that our shared email system is still rated at 100% by their team.  Our team works very hard to keep our server reputation as high as possible, […]

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Increased WordPress Security for our Business Hosting Clients

Our team is constantly searching out new ways to help increase the security of our client’s websites on our Business hosting platform, and today we have rolled out a new security feature.  The majority of our clients host WordPress sites with us, and we also love WordPress sites!  However, it is very important to ensure […]

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Should I Install a Cache Plugin for WordPress?

The speed of your website is extremely important to keep clients on your site and coming back to your site.  Caching performs a valuable service in speeding up your website, by caching regularly used objects (such as photos) in order to load them as quickly as possible.  Thus, you may consider installing a caching plugin […]

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