August 16, 2012
Niles Nerd


Data Security - NerdsBackup

About 6 months ago, we announced the launch of, which was a mySQL service powered by Amazon’s RDS platform.  The idea behind this service was to provide extremely reliable mySQL hosting for our clients, since mySQL has become such a crucial part of most modern websites.  During the last 6 months this service was rock-solid, and didn’t suffere a single failure, not even during Amazon’s massive outage on June 29.  Unfortunately, our team recently discovered that backing up such a system is much more challenging than we had previously believed.  In fact, our primary backup system for this system does not work properly, and cannot be made to work properly because of the way the Amazon RDS system is designed.
Even though we love the performance and reliability of the system, we can no longer continue to offer it to our clients because the backup situation simply does not live up to our standards.  For that reason, we are no longer allowing new databases to be created in this system, and are slowing converting all existing databases into this system back to the default mysql system offered with all our hosting packages.  We apologize to our clients for this situation, but trust you’ll understand that even the smallest chance of losing your database data is simply to great a risk to take.

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