September 4, 2012
Niles Nerd

Nerds Hosting Features Explained: WHOIS Privacy

This article is part of a series on the different features offered as part of our Nerds Hosting packages.  The feature covered in this article is available in both our Basic and Business hosting packages.  The information covered in this blog is considered accurate at the time of publication.  You can contact our team for more information by visiting
Every domain name registered in the world must have the owner’s contact details stored in a public WHOIS database.  WHOIS Privacy protects your personal data in the WHOIS database to ensure that spammers, identity thieves and domain thieves do not have direct and easy access to your information.  Nerds On Site includes WHOIS Privacy with every single domain registration in our system.  This service typically costs as much as your domain registration with other services, with a certain leading registrar charging an additional $9.99/year for the service.  With Nerds On Site it’s free and included!
In America alone, there are an estimated 9 million cases of identity theft each year¹ and 3 trillion² spam emails sent each year. Spammers and thieves can get your information through your domain name’s public record. WHOIS Privacy keeps your information safe by privatizing your domain’s entry in public records.

Sample WHOIS Privacy Change

This is a sample of how your WHOIS data will be protected with our service.

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