What’s Your Workspace and Desk Look Like?

Every modern home office and small business relies on technology, and thus a desk to put it on. Every office setup is unique, and personalized. Some are more messy or organized than others.

Smartphone App Suggestions of the Month

Here are a couple of apps that were suggested for us to feature in the past month. Geoff Heys suggested "Downcast" in the comments. "It allows me to subscribe to podcasts and download episodes without needing to sync with iTunes on a compute," he said. "A big step...

Our Redesigned Facebook Fan Page is Live!

We launched our redesigned Facebook fan page today, including a handful of new tabs to help you learn more about Nerds On Site, what we do, and how we can help you get the most out of your technology! You'll notice 4 new tabs: WELCOME Tab: A brief introduction to...

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