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Here are a couple of apps that were suggested for us to feature in the past month.
Geoff Heys suggested “Downcast” in the comments.
“It allows me to subscribe to podcasts and download episodes without needing to sync with iTunes on a compute,” he said. “A big step forward to “untethering”.
According to the description in the Apple App Store:
“Download and listen to your favorite podcasts directly from your iOS device without the need to sync with iTunes.”
COST: $1.99

Chris Rose, one of our Nerds in Newfoundland, Canada, suggested The Weather Network’s Weather Eye app.

According to the Apple App Store (available for Blackberry and Android as well):
“WeatherEye provides FREE detailed current, hourly, short and long term weather information with severe weather alerts and Satellite / Radar maps, Temp (Celsius or Fahrenheit) , “Feels Like”, Weather Icon and Conditions, Wind (kph or mph), Humidity,
Sunrise/set times, Pressure, Visibility, Ceiling, POP, and Precipitation Accumulation
Clicking on “The Weather Network” logo will provide access to traffic info/cameras, health information and more.”
COST: Free

What are your favorite smartphone apps? We welcome suggestions in the comments, and on Facebook or Twitter for Blackberry, Android, and iPhone. We’ll feature more apps in a blog post next month!

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