November 2, 2020
Niles Nerd

WTH Security News November 2, 2020

Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

Cops Turn to Canadian Phone-Tracking Firm After Infamous ‘Stingrays’ Become ‘Obsolete’. An interesting attribute of 5G is that legacy stingrays are no longer effective.

European ransomware group strikes US hospital networks, analysts warn. “UNC1878 is one of most brazen, heartless and disruptive threat actors I’ve observed over my career,” Carmakal said.

Munich Security Conference attendees targeted with Iran-linked spearphishing, Microsoft says. While reporters focus on bigger stories, it is important to recognize that anyone can become a target. Just so happens the attackers get a bigger impact at conferences.

Grayshift, The Startup That Breaks Into iPhones For The Feds, Raises $47 Million. “It’s most likely they can’t do much, if anything at all, with the iPhone 12 and iOS 14,” said Vladimir Katalov

Security Blueprints of Many Companies Leaked in Hack of Swedish Firm Gunnebo. Once again, an open RDP hole facilitated this attack. Close RDP, Close RDP, Close RDP.

Did you know?

The founder of Evernote has a new project: (invite beta at this time) looks to make zoom meetings feel fresh again 🙂

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