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Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

Hackers try to poison Florida town’s water supply after computer breach. Bioterrorism is here. We can and need to start being more proactive on our food and water supply chains.

How a supply chain attack let one researcher hack into Apple, Microsoft and more. Looks like the convenience of code-sharing is about to become less convenient as it can easily be used as an attack vector.

Bloomberg doubles down on an unsubstantiated story. This happens when “…bloomberg has *again* failed to do the work necessary to verify the sensational claims, because they mistake impressive credentials with domain expertise.”

Browser ‘Favicons’ Can Be Used as Undeletable ‘Supercookies’ to Track You Online. I’m sure Steve Gibson will cover this in tomorrow’s Security Now, and I, for one, look forward to his take on this. Maybe we just all live in private or incognito mode forever?

Microsoft Patch Tuesday gaffe leads netizens to ‘Microosft’ typo-squatting domain. Every week, there’s at least one story where the BrightWeb shines brighter.

Did you know? 

There’s a fascinating background to the famous router is loved by hackers, and it gave way to a growing open source router ecosystem where our favourite ASUS (Merlin) routers can be found.

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