April 27, 2020
Niles Nerd

WTH Security News April 27, 2020

Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

Hackers target oil producers as they struggle with a record glut of crude.

Ministers plan to give more UK public bodies power to access phone data.

Meanwhile, during the same week, Israel halts police phone tracking over privacy concerns.

A single line of Windows kernel code change, allows Browser sandbox escape. Microsoft has already fixed it.

The CFAA will soon have its day before the Supreme Court. This may legitimize more security researchers.

Did you know?

Out of the CIS20 standard controls, adam:ONE plays an important role in 10 of them. I did a video on the weekend if you’re interested at nerds.ca/cis20adamonevideo (~12 minutes)

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Artile: WTH Security News April 27, 2020

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