April 13, 2020
Niles Nerd

WTH Security News April 13, 2020

Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

PayPal and Venmo Are Letting SIM Swappers Hijack Accounts. Use better MFA or use virtual numbers for SMS that aren’t hijackable.

Apple and Google are launching a joint COVID-19 tracing tool for iOS and Android. Very interesting read and take and again we’ll see lots of FUD on this for years to come. I’m sure it’ll be Steve Gibson’s main topic tomorrow, he’s usually a voice of sanity.

Attackers can bypass fingerprint authentication with an ~80% success rate. Wow.

Migitations/Defense Possible MBR Locker. This is spreading through software downloads. The old is new again, who would have thought!

April 2020 Patch Tuesday forecast: Uncertainty reigns, but patching endures through pandemic.

Did you know?

We delivered our first cyber security seminar this past week with an Ontario Chambers of Commerce audience. Recording of our seminar delivered by Charlie Regan and yours truly will be posted Business Briefs Interactive Webinars today.