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Welcome to this week in NerdNews (TWINN). Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

House approves massive infrastructure plan that includes $1.9 billion for cybersecurity. This is good news insomuch as an increased budget will flow to security operations that will spill over into many industries.

US Offers $10 Million Bounty in Hunt for DarkSide Ransomware Operators. This is compelling for anyone who is in a position to rat out those operators. On the other hand, it may just be the beginning of another whack-a-mole round.

Ukraine Security Service DOXes Russian FSB members. To support parts of its claims, the SSU also published intercepted phone conversations between two of the Gamaredon members regarding attacks they were carrying out and complaints they had with their FSB salaries.

Tiny subset of publicly-listed ransomware victims. Last week, even in our regional geography I know of 2 ransomware victims of 7 figure ransoms that never hit the press as of yet.

Commerce Department blacklists controversial spyware company NSO Group. “NSO has always said it does not target US-based users. But I think it was very significant that the phone number of a major US diplomat, @USEnvoyIran was on our leaked list, as reported by the @washingtonpost”

Did you know? 

For those anxious to try Windows 11, there are now various methods to bypass Windows 11’s TPM, CPU and RAM requirements.

For a video version of this, see:–aweCXdmg

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