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Your weekly top 5 technical and security issues Nerds should pay attention to:

Kevin’s Lame Review of May 2021’s Patch Tuesday, thread. This is a nice summary of the severity of a given patch Tuesday, especially in a day when it’s harder to determine what we need to pay attention to.

Darkside Retreats to the Dark. After announcing that its criminal infrastructure has been taken down due to U.S. law enforcement pressure, the Darkside ransomware gang says it’s retreating. But is it?

Biden signs executive order designed to strengthen federal digital defenses. Certainly an excellent step in the right direction, but mostly based on reporting requirements that already exist in other countries, like Canada, for example.

WiFi devices going back to 1997 vulnerable to new Frag Attacks. Not to worry if you’re on iOS, thankfully, or if you’re using an always-on VPN.

Millions at security risk from old routers. As has always been the case, ISP-supplied CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) can be better secured with a separate, more secure router.

Did you know? 

Internet domain Allowlisting reduces your attack surface 7000:1. Over a billion websites exist, most organizations only need about 15,000 of them at the most.

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