Top 3 Ways to Video Chat with Family During the Holidays

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Is not everyone together this Christmas? Do you have broadband at both locations? One of these three ways of video-chatting may just bring you a little closer these holidays.

    1. Skype. Skype is available for free and requires you to download a program and install it on your computer that is equipped with a webcam. Skype has a distinct advantage over the other two options listed here as it allows for a video conference to include up to four (4) people. There is a free trial for multi-user video and mobile phone version of skype work with audio only. However, you can video-skype one-on-one from an iPhone4 or later or many Android smartphones as well. Skype works on Wifi and 3G.

  • FaceTime. FaceTime works only on Apple devices calling other Apple devices. iPhone to iPod Touch, Apple computer to iPad2, iPad2 to iPhone4, etc. The setup is not the most intuitive, but once you’ve navigated through that process, it really is the best video conference experience from person to person. FaceTime works on WiFi only (not 3G).


  • Facebook video calling. Facebook is probably the easiest way to get started if you have never video-called before. Even though the Skype engine is used behind the scenes, the setup and installation is much simpler. So, if you and the person you want to call are both on Facebook and you’re both available on computers, it’s probably your best choice. Facebook video calling is not available on smartphone apps.

Update: BONUS method: Arthur’s comment below is absolutely right – we should have included this one as well: Google+Hangout. The only “excuse” I have, Arthur, is that perhaps it is more of a nerdy tool than that of our clients.
Whether you’ve used video calling for years or about to enjoy this technology for the first time, the Nerds wish you the best experience technology can offer, especially where it can bring family and friends closer together.

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