Nerds On Site is Here For You
by Niles Nerd

Hi Everyone, 

We hope this finds you well.

Were all of us in the middle of a new normal. News about health & safety as well as economic pressures & plans are announced from our local and national governments daily – to deal with COVID-19 (Coronavirus). As we each try to understand how it will affect us, our families and our workplaces, we are here for you, our valued Clients.

Certainly, there are many things on your mind as you adjust to these new life and workplace realities. We want you to know that Nerds On Site, with your trusted team of Nerds, is ready to serve you whether on site or remotely.

Here are some of the guidelines we have provided to our Nerds worldwide to ensure your safety…

For the safety of our Clients and our team, all nerds are to adhere to the following:


Remote service options are seamless and are to be used whenever possible. Many Clients will be relieved to know we can help them without coming onsite.

Our enterprise-grade remote service tool, BeyondTrust (formerly Bomgar), is available to all of our team members. It is incredibly secure and very easy for Clients to grant us access for remote support on a variety of devices. It even works for mobile devices.


If a team member must go on site, they will do everything in their power to stay safe and follow Health Guidelines which are being published and promoted online by health authorities:


Minimally, our team members will be exercising the following precautions when onsite:

  • Wear a mask covering mouth and nose
  • Avoiding physical greetings with Clients
  • Maintaining 1-2 metre distance between themselves and Clients
  • Bringing hand sanitizer and or/wipe to use BEFORE and AFTER touching Client equipment, or, if no sanitizer is available:
      • Use a keyboard cover or plastic wrap over keyboard/mouse
      • Bring their own keyboard/mouse and have the Client remove theirs so that they do not need to touch it.
  • Asking the Client to open the door for you when arriving/leaving


Any non-essential in-person face to face interactions with Clients and/or each other can be conducted over our company ZOOM account.


** Most importantly – IF our team members experience any sense of unwellness including the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus (fever, dry cough), they must not go on site to Client locations but rather seek medical help, or self-quarantine as directed by health authorities.

Please know we are committed to easing any and all of your technology challenges during these remarkable times. Were also here and committed to provide expert help and assistance in developing simple and secure remote-from-home solutions for you and your workplace, should you care to investigate.

You have likely witnessed many of the amazing and creative moments of support and celebration taking place in this time of global crisis. Neighbours helping at risk neighbours theyve never met doing their grocery shopping for them, sing-alongs and shared exercise sessions conducted on the balconies of apartment and condo complexes. We are resilient & we are caring, we are survivors!

THANK YOU for the opportunity to work with you, and be well.

john, david & charlie


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