June 14, 2012
Niles Nerd

Lethbridge Free WiFi Network Grows Again

A view of Galt Gardens - Nerds On Site

A view of Galt Gardens

The Downtown Lethbridge free WiFi network has grown again, with a new wireless access point added in the city centre’s Galt Gardens, but the Centennial water park.  City officials met with our team this morning and approved the expansion and our team has already completed the install!  In the pas month, hundreds of tourists, business people and residents have taken advantage of the wireless network in the Galt Gardens area and with this new addition we only expect the usage to grow further.  Our team continues to work with the Lethbridge Business Revitalization Zone and the Heart of our City Committee to find the best way to expand the coverage of this network to allow even more people to enjoy it!

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