DynDNS no longer offers a free service. Most nerds and many of our clients over the years have used the great free (as well as pro) services of DynDNS. Many of our clients only need the single hostname service to a single location for access to webcams at home, for example.

While there are free services like no-ip.com and zoneedit.com, the reason why DynDNS is preferred is that many devices offer only DynDNS-specific support.
So, if you’re looking for that single hostname solution to access your webcams at your office or home broadband Internet connection, hop on over to:


D-Link Dynamic DNS is actually powered by DynDNS and still allows for a single hostname to be registered to a unique account and email address.
This makes sense because D-Link makes a decent set of webcams and it’s an essential part of what their clients need.
So thank you to D-Link and DynDNS for this remaining free alternative!


  1. Amanda Reid says:

    An all-in-one Managed DNS product for your own domain name (such as yourdomain.com). Dyn Standard DNS is the perfect solution for your domain name’s basic DNS needs, whether it is for personal or small business use. It gives you complete control over your DNS zone and its associated DNS records, complete with a simple DNS management web interface.

  2. Sparky the Wonder Turtle says:

    Definately you must be paid by DynDns to post that.
    I’ve already notified several manufacturers that I’m well tied to to make changes to their firmware to eliminate DynDns as a choice in their DVR’s, etc.
    There is no reason for this other than greed, and most OEM’s agree with that point, at least the ones I do business with.
    I suggest that any of you out there do the same, have the OEM switch to No-IP, or some other currently still free DDNS service.

  3. @Sparky, the reason for my posting was simply to give users access to the *free* service that is actually no longer to be found on dyndns.org. As for payment, it’s likely the contrary – they may offer payment to *remove* this post as they have no further interest in offering any services for free.
    But just as you pointed out that there are many devices with DynDNS as the only option, this is why I posted this.

  4. Nick says:

    AWESOME! Thanks.

  5. Mike says:

    Thanks David!
    BTW, Sparky the Wonder Turtle was replying to Amanda Reid’s post, and yes she does work for Dyn.

  6. mpman says:

    I use the free dyndns provider myonlineportal.net which also supports IPv6. There are many clients support such as DD-wrt, Fritz box, Android, ddclient and inadyn.
    The registration is very easy. So simple I have not seen it from any other supplier.

  7. Will says:

    There are still free dynamic DNS service providers out there. I have in mind DYNU, CHANGEIP, DNSEXIT.

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